Just Friends

Lisey Ricks and Noah Johnson have been best friends ever since Lisey got a little too drunk at a party a few years back, and poor Noah got stuck with taking care of her, and nurturing her intense hangover. They've always had sleep overs, made fun of one another, and had this... sexual tension that they thought was just Noah's perverted mind but... Maybe not? Maybe she really is falling for the boy who she's always been JUST FRIENDS with... ?
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I love the relationship between Lisey and Noah! :) This chapter was hillaruous and I'm excited to read the rest if your book!
This story is great! haha. I've been laughing since the start :) GREAT STORY! Keep up the good work!! :)
@JasmineLight wat you saidd ! this book is AMAZING and i've only read 2 pages ! :D
My only advice would to put the second book as a new story not joined in one like this.
It's really good at the moment!! Good work, and by the way- it's torturing not torchering! :)
awwwww!!! you can just TELL that he has liked her for awhile!!! and ya... he is a pervert... but don't ALL of us have at least ONE perverted friend lol :)

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