Lisey Ricks and Noah Johnson have been best friends ever since Lisey got a little too drunk at a party a few years back, and poor Noah got stuck with taking care of her, and nurturing her intense hangover. They've always had sleep overs, made fun of one another, and had this... sexual tension that they thought was just Noah's perverted mind but... Maybe not? Maybe she really is falling for the boy who she's always been JUST FRIENDS with... ?
RayneChase121 RayneChase121 7 months ago
a boy and a girl can never be best friends. it always turns into attraction.
JenCutTheCrap JenCutTheCrap 7 months ago
 pure agony when two people like each other but don't admit it
Sophrosyne_x Sophrosyne_x 2 years ago
I love the relationship between Lisey and Noah! :) This chapter was hillaruous and I'm excited to read the rest if your book!
1CreativeMind 1CreativeMind 2 years ago
hi im new to wattpad and i started writing, if you want you can check it out. i used to mostly write on instagram but im trying wattpad out. can you please reccommend me? i love your story so much and your writing style inspired me a lot. thanks!
BaffledWench BaffledWench 3 years ago
This story is great! haha. I've been laughing since the start :) GREAT STORY! Keep up the good work!! :)
Mariah_Babez_16 Mariah_Babez_16 3 years ago
@JasmineLight wat you saidd ! this book is AMAZING and i've only read 2 pages ! :D