Rules to being kidnapped. . .ps.I recommend you don't try it!

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Chelephant By Chelephant Updated 2 years ago
Gwen, a simple teenage girl, has her life turned upside down when she is kidnapped on a dark night. Her kidnappers, attractive guys with some serious attitude problems, try to keep her locked up until they use her for, well, whatever they need her for. But, Gwen is a cocky blonde with a mouth of her own. Not to mention sneaky and sly. Fighting for her freedom, she must escape the grasp of her kindappers.
bookreader102 bookreader102 2 years ago
Posse finish it Omb I loved it its freaking 3:30 am I could mot put it down!!!!!!! I hope u keep going I hanging here
soccerisloved soccerisloved 3 years ago
You should keep uploading more: this is really good Get It. PLEASE KEEP UPLOADING MORE MORE: this is soo intersting.
PartyRockAnthem PartyRockAnthem 3 years ago
Could you post a character list. It heps me imagine who they are!! please!! :)
littleblueheir littleblueheir 3 years ago
This is the best book I've ever read!!! This inspired me to write :D thank you do much for writing this!!
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Upload , some good detail and so well written, please don't stop writing 
Wow just wow ! Make another oner puhhhhhleeeasssseeee and thank you