Our Universe (Alien Story)

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SuffocatingHugs By SuffocatingHugs Completed
Jas is a simple girl who would give her whole brain to study and get straight A's.
When she wonders home from having a great time with her friends she finds a boy: Xavier. Since she lived on her own with no parents to say what to do, she takes Xavier under her wings and realizes he isn't what He seems.
shinee13 shinee13 2 years ago
In all honesty you need to edit this and also some parts did not make sense and I was not able to read it. Just some feedback.
Ella12648 Ella12648 2 years ago
Sorry, I'm sure it's actually a good read, but it needs some serious editing. I could barely read the first few sentences. :/
dcrazygalz dcrazygalz 3 years ago
Hmm. You really need to edit this. It has promise, but the errors in your sentence structures take away from the book. It makes it hard to read.