Lest They Be Forgotten

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shanejoseph By shanejoseph Completed
A series of twice-told tales from Canadian author Shane Joseph. These newly re-published works include stories of losing home, wandering abroad, and finding home, always beginning from scratch. Similar to Joseph's own life path, each story has a silver lining and each story deserves to be heard once more.
HerMajestyMsAnomaly HerMajestyMsAnomaly 3 months ago
This made me cry. I was forced to put my Labrador to sleep too, and it brought out every emotion. Your writing is very effective, sir.
_ghosts_ _ghosts_ 6 months ago
What an amazing and entertaining story! I enjoyed the author's writing style. You really excelled when it came to expressing each characters emotion,  especially Martin's, without the story souding staged. It was a very interesting read indeed.
philosi philosi 8 months ago
A good short story – not too short. The writer certainly has talent. I also enjoyed reading some of the comments here.
JamesMori JamesMori 11 months ago
I enjoyed the read, the story flowed really well. I found myself becoming empathetic for the parents in the story, although I don't think this was intentional for the reader. Seemingly, throughout the story, I feel they just had many tough decisions to make in trying to create balance.
MichaelDorka MichaelDorka 11 months ago
liked the story! cruelty is a cultural aspect which varies from country to country and since this becomes clear in the story the bloody details are very necesary. to understand that even human pain depends on cultural points of view.
ednkirote ednkirote a year ago
intriguing, how do I continued receiving other publications/memoires? thank you.