Lest They Be Forgotten

A series of twice-told tales from Canadian author Shane Joseph. These newly re-published works include stories of losing home, wandering abroad, and finding home, always beginning from scratch. Similar to Joseph's own life path, each story has a silver lining and each story deserves to be heard once more.
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This made me cry. I was forced to put my Labrador to sleep too, and it brought out every emotion. Your writing is very effective, sir.
A good short story – not too short. The writer certainly has talent. I also enjoyed reading some of the comments here.
intriguing, how do I continued receiving other publications/memoires? thank you.
Yes you did indeed manage to portray his nasty character. He's doing all he can to claw his way out of poverty I guess, losing his core values along the way.
I think it was a controversial piece that opens your mind about what goes in in countries for people to be able to servive its was good :-)

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