Station Five

Mia Cordova is a nurse's aide at Los Arcos Care Center, a large skilled nursing facility caring for the profoundly disabled. Abby Tate, Mia's twenty-one-year-old patient, has been in a coma for almost two years, kept alive on a ventilator. When Abby unexpectedly wakes up to find herself a quadriplegic, she withdraws into her own inexpressible feelings of grief, loss, and fear. As her memories return, it seems Abby is somehow unconsciously channeling some dark and vengeful power, a malevolent force that threatens to destroy everyone and everything around her.
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@dlmackenzie Yes the extra depth is great and the fine line is excellent. Thanks.   vtd
@dlmackenzie I like the extra depth. The doc is more repulsive, Pat harder to like and Mia easier to sympathise with.   vtd
I like the the mystery at the heart of  Mia's professional life juxtaposed with her domestic trials/tribulations – an intriguing mix that works really well.
Great story so far, but jeez I hate short chapters. Thats ok though its still shows  a lot of promise.  I'll certainly be awaiting future updates.
If you're going to be like that, I'll buy you a beer the next time you're in my area.
Certainly sets a mood.  It got my curiosity up to see what happens next, which is the effect at which you were aiming, no?

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