Vulnerable (Death Note fanfic / Matt X Mello lovestory)

Ever since they met at Whammy's house Matt and Mello have been best friends. But as time goes by the two start to realize their may be something more than friendship keeping them together. (Matt X Mello)
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Mello, just because you're like an angry kitten doesn't mean you can't hurt the little sheep! We break objects, not people!
@Chaoticss awwww poor Chaoticss.....hopefully an anime convention will come near you soon
@Chaoticss its long as you still update it...i dont really care how long it will take..
@Chaoticss awww i cant wait to read that.....and finally Near wont got his a$$ kicked anymore
awww i love this....even tho Mello hurt my poor Near...its a great chapter.... continue the story please....and update soon

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