Vulnerable (Death Note fanfic / Matt X Mello lovestory)

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Karma By Chaoticss Updated a year ago
Ever since they met at Whammy's house Matt and Mello have been best friends. But as time goes by the two start to realize their may be something more than friendship keeping them together. (Matt X Mello)
Well it's more than likely gonna happen, so… deal with it.
Yes finally found a Mallo story! (Matt x Mello) And it's great so far!
Mello, just because you're like an angry kitten doesn't mean you can't hurt the little sheep! We break objects, not people!
This is my favourite MelloxMatt fic of all time<3 great work!!
YAY! i got a dedication for an awesome story :D thank you sooooo very much
I agree with Tami! I couldn't help but laugh (even that sounds horrible, in a story I'm co-writing Mello hit's Near in the head with a baseball bat :3 ) I love your story and can't wait for more! You have me laughing the whole way through!