The Demon In Me

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_DarklyBeautiful By _DarklyBeautiful Updated 2 years ago
Ever since that tragic, horrific 'accident', Delilah has gone mad. Her first kill was simple and quick - the instigator of her murderous streak. She knows the 'accident' had been planned, and she wants revenge. Delilah's climbing the chain of Embossine. She's striking from the weakest Embossine members to the most important, and then eventually, she'll kill the man who caused the 'accident'. 

Jackson doesn't realize the immense danger he's in. He's stepped into Delilah's territory. He wants to befriend this broken, innocent soul. He doesn't know that Delilah is anything but innocent, but even when he does find out; he stays with her. He wants to help her find peace with what happened. He's getting Delilah to make decisions - decisions that just might end his life, but he doesn't worry.

Jackson, you better watch out.
The demon has been released.
WinterChill WinterChill 4 years ago
You are very talented, this kept my interest from the very start!
Khwaish Khwaish 4 years ago
Awesome work ... It's really good ....
I like the description very much ..... :)
I wanted to know is she really running or its her imagination?
blueforests blueforests 4 years ago
This is an awesome beginning!! It's creepy yet great and it has a sort of dark feeling about it
I love the way you describe her emotions too :)
knivesandpens knivesandpens 4 years ago
@Adorrifying i think its already getting lots of votes and comments... i mean its over 30 votes!!! thats insane!!
Adorrifying Adorrifying 4 years ago
I really like the way you wrote this...
It's descriptive too! I could almost feel how sad she was about the car crash.
I hope this story gets a lot of votes and comments... I can already tell it's going to be a really great, creepy story :D
inmyheadiseeyou inmyheadiseeyou 4 years ago
i just realized all the readers down there have the same pic >.<