Unconditional Love (Editing)

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NinjaaKitteeh By NinjaaKitteeh Updated 3 years ago
Elizabeth finds herself in a mess of problems. Boys, family, and money. Only she's a werewolf. Which just makes things extremely difficult. Her dad left on alpha duties and has been gone for a few months, leaving Elizabeth to fend for herself and her mom. Jonathan and Ana are her companions. Ana is part of Elizabeths pack, the FireSide pack. Jonathan is Alpha of his own pack, the MoonLight pack. Elizabeth meets a guy named Aden who claims he is her mate.  Aden is alpha of the FadedShadow pack. Is he really her mate, or is he just after her pack?
KeepItNeat KeepItNeat 2 years ago
@NinjaaKitteeh Haha! Yeah, soz bout that =P And yeah!! Don't stop! xD
KeepItNeat KeepItNeat 2 years ago
@NinjaaKitteeh N'aw! Your welcome, If it wasn't my mistake in replying to you i actually wouldn't have known 'bout this awesome story! Keep going <3
KeepItNeat KeepItNeat 2 years ago
Not just saying this....I love wolf stories, and i like your character, defo reading on! =)
Winzlow_ Winzlow_ 2 years ago
I thought this was cute! :) Haha I love little high school stories, but I could never make them sound as fluid as yours is! I always manage to make them too cheesy and awkward, but you seem to have a good start for one. Keep up the good work and I'm excited to see how it turns out! :)
@HazelEyedMaggie you said she instead of he a couple of times and then just proofread :)
This was pretty good! i found a few spelling mistakes but other than that I liked it