EDEN: Part 1 - Exodus

-Official Website: www.universeofeden.com -Official Facebook Page: www.facebook/edenscifinovel -Concept Soundtrack via SOUNDCLOUD: www.soundcloud.com/edenbooksoundtrack *When a young girl is found with no memory of her identity by bounty hunter Jack Fox, there is more to the strange girl then meets the eye. When hired mercenary groups and a shadowed organization start hunting them down, Jack Fox takes a massive journey across the galaxy meeting unlikely allies as they evade capture - all while trying to uncover the identity of the mysterious young girl and a conspiracy that could change the the galaxy as they know it... THE HUNT HAS BEGUN.
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Yeah, I noticed the copyright. Has someone been stealing your work? I'd love to check out your new chapter. Your self promotion skills are off the charts. I was wondering if you could give me any tips?
Hey Nick,
Where have you been? Been looking forward to a new chapter. Also, been wanting to ask your advice...
Wow. You've got skill. Seriously! This is amazing! I don't get much time for reading, but I'm going to make time for this awesome novel. I'm adding it to my phone and will read the next part before bed. :) Keep writing!
No prob :) I know a cool story when it smacks me in the face... Ow!
I sure like your beginning of this story.  It sounds great.  Alora
I saw it was called E.D.E.N. and I thought "what are the odds of finding ANOTHER book that has my name in it?" But when I started reading it I thought "Hey this is an AWESOME story!" I'm a VERY slow reader so it doesn't bother me TOO much that it's on hold... lol

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