Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji 7 Minutes in Heaven (Girls)

Another set for the 7 Minutes In Heaven game! A simple meeting in the closet in seven minutes can change everything! Even the unlikeliest of friends may change into the unexpected. Of course, who wouldn't turn down the offer of playing a game when there are pleasant-looking, marriageable bachelors surrounding you?
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Sebastian is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!! *whispers* not as awesome as Prussia thpugh~ *snickers*
I can't remember the last time I've participated in these kinds of activities. But my last memory of it was very... intense.

Where's Drossel?!!!!!
So if u could put him in there I would be VERY HAPPY!
I love this I think its sweet how he starts all gentle then goes to his tough love like we girls want ^_^
Hot DAMN this was good! (As well as Sebastian's and Ciel's) Excellent job and keep up the good work >w<
I feel dirty wanting to know what happens in those 'other rooms' they go to after their done with the closet

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