Faking it

"If the world can’t handle the truth, give them a spectacular lie." Bitch. That’s what they called me at my old school. I disagree: I’m just brutally honest, that’s all. Some people don’t like honesty. Exhibit A: Matthew’s family. None of them want to acknowledge that their Golden Boy is gay. Exhibit B: My Mother. I only told her the truth: that she was a crappy parent who never should've gotten knocked up in the first place. But she was so offended that she shipped me off to my fabulously wealthy father and his walking-billboard-for-plastic-surgery of a wife. So I devised a brilliant plan. My new friend Matthew was sick of hiding his sexuality. I was tired of obnoxious rich boys hitting on me. So why not pretend to be dating? He wouldn’t have to answer uncomfortable questions anymore, and I’d enter my new school as the girlfriend of the star quarterback. It should be easy, right? Of course, I didn't plan on falling for Matthew's brother.
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well, i'll definitely be reading this story. it's well written and seems interesting. and the cover is hella cute.
I take it back, maybe it's not Charlie Chaplin...but ive read/heard it somewhere.
im kinda like that so sometimes i have no idea if my 'friends' actually like me or not...
@MishaHicks Thank you for the plug you're amazing, as always! And yes, we love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!
Just gonna leave this here for all Faking It fans :) http://what-to-wear-if.tumblr.com/post/52873066842/what-to-wear-if-you-get-into-a-fight-with-your
@MishaHicks :'D crying with laughter at all the pictures :P .. they just completed it all

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