Born To Serve?

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xeclecticreaderx By xeclecticreaderx Updated 2 years ago
When Charlotte Smithfield is dismissed from her job as a servant she is sent on a journey she never wants to take. A journey into a land of hard labour and people whom she cannot trust. Join this sixteen year old victorian girl as she delves into a eerie and haunting world whilst trying to uncover her past and what has caused her to question everything. But be warned, this is not a tale for the faint-hearted!!
ThePotterPrincess ThePotterPrincess 3 years ago
Ooo...  Really gripping and full of suspence.  Love your vocab - it's nice to see some 'big' words now and again!  Reading on... :)
anotherstar anotherstar 3 years ago
Wow! Really great vocabulary! It's suspensful and pulls you in. I really like it. (:
realityxfantasy realityxfantasy 3 years ago
Dramatic and detailed, but a wee bit too short for a prologue. And what happened in that first paragraph you yours? There's a huge gap in it. What's that supposed to be? Please look it over and check for grammatical errors! But nice start :)
gleekdreamerxoxo gleekdreamerxoxo 3 years ago
I like how you started it. If there was anything to fix in the begining ti would be the ppart where it says "I did not chose to be here." I'm pretty sure it would be " I did not choose to be here." but other than that it's good :)
chooseitwisely chooseitwisely 3 years ago
This was an interesting start, makes the reader want to go on to find out why she is so nervous. Good job :)
JesusFreak JesusFreak 3 years ago
I must say that I am not much of a historical fiction reader but after reading this ^ I might start