Lost and Found

Amelia Parkin is a successful woman, a geek in school, she's now a highflying banker in London. She has the world at her feet, with doors starting to open for her. Then like a punch in the stomach a face appears in her world that drags her back to her childhood, an unhappy time. Sol Tanner is directly responsible for everything that has gone wrong in her life. And she hates him....doesn't she?
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i feel bad for both of them because they were both a victim of her asshole father
what does it matter that he didn't tell her it was his house and what he did for a living why did that make her made
Poor Sol... he had to go through all that. And same for Amelia. She lost so many things after that incident. <3 I've always enjoyed reading this story. <3
:) Yay another chapter. I love the tension between Sol and Amelia! I can't help but laugh when Sol calls he Ho Meal-ia. :D :D
@MmaroZ Okay, okay I'll try to rest! But now I'm excited for the next chaper of Never Again! I can't wait to read it :D :D
@MmaroZ I'm supposed to be resting…but when I got an email notifying that you’d put up a story… I just couldn’t resist :)

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