My Brother's Girlfriend

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LackingTalent By LackingTalent Updated 3 years ago
It wasn't supposed to be like this. You were supposed to be just like the rest. You weren't supposed to be special. I wasn't supposed to hurt him. I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you, my brother's girlfriend.
ok the comments are like those in TAT, I'm not at all ready for this
...... lol quoted, u think this but, in the end it doesn't even matter
her mom should be glad that her daughter wasn't a hoe and waited to date
Everyone, please read this. It is a must and should be a New York Times Bestseller cause this work of art will make you feel feelings. 10/10 would read again and again.
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shut the Fuck up all the heck don't tell i am gonna read and see it by myself Bitches 
this is actually a movie I love this movie it's with the Jennifer Hudson I think I don't  her name