(Sequel to My High School Life) 
    Meet John Ace, the hot shot at campus. With his killer looks, charming personality, and great wealth, he's got it all. 
    Girls fall for him left and right, but too bad he's never serious. But what happens when one night at a party changes his views on Amanda forever? Problem is Amanda is his little sister's best friend.
    Throw in a jealous ex, a sweetie with a dark secret, a shy twin, an unwanted past, and some drama. What do you get? A hot mess.  
    Cover made by Rathanak :)
what happened to John..omyy I missed him being super protective and kind and stuffs
danm what happens you seemed so danm innocent in my high school life .... just danm
Ummm wow I was NOT expecting that to be the first paragraph lol XD
overall it's good bet we should of got to know the guy better and learned about Amanda later
Nudges John and whispers** that's how your Fuck buddy brothers feel about you
Wow, the over protective brother is hostile to over protective brothers everywhere