My College Life

(Side story to My High School Life) Meet John Ace, the hot shot at campus. With his killer looks, charming personality, and great wealth, he's got it all. Girls fall for him left and right, but too bad he's never serious. But what happens when one night at a party changes his views on Amanda forever? Problem is Amanda is his little sister's best friend. Throw in a jealous ex, a sweetie with a dark secret, a shy twin, an unwanted past, and some drama. What do you get? A hot mess. Cover made by Rathanak :)
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XD "Surprise." :P
I have a feeling I'll like this more than My High School Life :D
Wait, wait, wait. THIS IS NOT ALICE HE'S HAVING SEЖ WITH?! Or is it like, many months or a few years later?
I am almost half way through and I am going to be so sad when I finish this book :(
Aw, life must be soo hard for you! :D omisagbh! (That stands for oh my I sense a great book here) this book is amazing!
@tonexoxo bell is actually Isabella Ace, sister of John. Her story is My Hugh School Life. Lily is John's youngest sister.
that has a first part right? its about Isabella Ace, sister of John. And tgomas is her boyfriend. the first part is My Highschool Life, right?

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