Desert Wondering (Watty Awards 2013 entry)(NaNoWriMo 2012)

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mcorona7 By mcorona7 Updated a year ago
Wanting to go back to the land of her birth had always been her idea, but mysteriously traveling back in time was not. Without being given the choice or any warning she went anyway. Falling in love was definitely  something Melody had never dreamed of doing, but she did that too. What happens though, when not only age, and culture separate them, but over a hundred years as well? Will Adam let her go even when he doesn't understand anything about her? Or will he hold to the one thing he knows he has for sure, Melody's heart. If keeping her alive whilst trekking her through the harsh outback of an untamed land isn't enough then what is?
so_sari so_sari 5 months ago
desert ;) remember...with dessert you always want more (ssss).
arnie2two arnie2two a year ago
I feel like I'm getting a glimpse of your Alice Springs :-).
taylorink taylorink a year ago
A nano? haha Totally get you. Wrote 70k for the camp nano and editing really has to be slaughtered while doing it.
But no problem :)
AuthorLChapman AuthorLChapman 2 years ago
Such a moving story. I love how you have managed to portray the character's.
1PrettyBoySwag1 1PrettyBoySwag1 2 years ago
@mcorona7 really?!  i'll have to check out the rest of your stories once i have finished reading this. it's pretty awesome so far though!!
1PrettyBoySwag1 1PrettyBoySwag1 2 years ago
i love how you have set the scene. it really paints a picture. i'm so excited to read this story, i had not come across one set in my home country... so i can't wait!!