Jade's Journal

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VenessaJinson By VenessaJinson Updated 2 years ago
Reality is slipping away from Jade. Unable to tell what's real and what is not, she lives inside her journal. The little book becomes her best friend, and essentially becomes her.

Being locked in an insane asylum since her teen years with little interaction with the outside world, Jade's life becomes one huge flashback. As she writes in her Journal, her life seems to be stolen from her and begins playing out in front of her through the tarnished pages.

The only life she knows is what she writes or reads in her journal, The only thing is... is any of it real?
Lizisswatching Lizisswatching a year ago
This is awesome and the best thing is that my name is Jade!!
jadeybabesj jadeybabesj 3 years ago
i love it and my name is jade but my journals not my bff but i love it
Amazing! Wow! Loved it! I voted. Keep writing. Very well written, all of it.
nardclapper06 nardclapper06 3 years ago
very very very great.
voted & fanned!
youre an amazing writer!
nivilove1 nivilove1 3 years ago
i really like the plot of this story! REALLY CREATIVE. keepwriting(:
WelaraJumper WelaraJumper 3 years ago
Hey!  This is a really good start!  I love your description.  Good job!  Voted :)