Maid For Him

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MarciMarie By MarciMarie Updated a month ago
Angelo knew his mother was trying to play matchmaker when she suggested then paid for his maid service. The only problem was when he laid eyes on Francesca the maid standing barefoot in his kitchen, wearing his favorite tee shirt with possibly nothing under it, cooking his favorite dish, and singing one of his favorite songs. He knew that he may possibly be in danger of losing his heart  for the first time.
idek00000 idek00000 3 days ago
At first I didn't get it... Then I was like "ohhhhh, he wants sex, duh"
Girlgamer206 Girlgamer206 4 days ago
I have a girl in my class whose name is Francesca but everyone calls her Franky for short.
GerganaSulakova GerganaSulakova 6 days ago
My brother is lazy ass person I have to do everything for him even if he's 2 steps away and I'm on the other side of the room.
kisser_gee kisser_gee 9 days ago
need to fix some grammar and spelling. .. pls. I  think its a nice story.
TeenageBliss TeenageBliss 9 days ago
Ello! So i see the grammatical errors and they're driving me crazy! do you think i could perhaps fix them? i'm sorry if this offends you but argh! anyways yeah..
BookMonster333 BookMonster333 10 days ago
Um, no. Mommas boy is the guy who does everything FOR his mom. This guy just sounds like a spoiled brat.