Corrupting Liam Payne [LIRRY 1D]

It was about three in the afternoon when he heard a key turning in the locks. “Get out of bed, Payne.” Harry, who somehow had gotten himself a key of Liam’s house, entered Liam’s bedroom and pulled open the curtains. Liam squinted his eyes at the bright June sunlight and groaned. “What do you want, Harry? Leave me alone.” Liam was whining and moping like a five year old. He wasn’t ready for visitors and ‘it’ll be alrights’ and he was pretty sure Harry was going to say those words. He’d probably mean all well and good and Liam regretted his harsh tone right away. “Sorry, shouldn’t have snapped at you.” He said quickly when he saw Harry’s confused face. “Seriously, you’re saying sorry because you snapped? That wasn’t snapping, Liam and you shouldn’t apologize you little innocent puppy.” Liam shrugged “Sorry” Harry sighed and shook his head. He positioned himself next to Liam on the bed with his shoes on Liam could see all the dirt under his soles and he was about to ask if Harry could please take his shoes off when Harry spoke. “You have got to stop being so innocent and we’re going to help you.” With those words Harry dialed Louis’ number and told the older boy to come over. He smirked and thad made Liam scared. What the fudge cakes is going to happen?
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Click on that link & ill message Liam for you on Twitter @celestay_xD I'll show you proof
Curious if this story will be as perfect as Fanboy.. but I already know the answer ;) xx
It's the second time I'm reading it... I can't help myself, this story is phenomenal.
I have an idea. But oh god. This is DEFFINATLY GOT BOYxBOY MATERIAL!(part of what I think will happen if you catch my drift)
I would say I'm hooked already. You grabbed my attention! And I love that it's Lirry :)
Omg. The first page is enough for me to continue your book,. It's good. Reall good!

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