uncondtional love (un-con-di-tion-al // n-k-n-d-ition-l) //: Regardless of how that person treats you, or what they do to you, you love them no matter what. Your love to them is unconditional. 

Nineteen year old mother, Autumn Saunders, isn't looking for love after the breakup of herself and Harry Styles. But what happens when he comes back, apologizing for what he's done, begging her to take him back? Confused, angry, and scared, Autumn wants nothing to do with him. But he wants everything to do with her. Will they fall back in love, or will dealing with Autumn's four year old cancer patient for a daughter, wrench them apart? One thing is for sure; Harry will do everything he can, everything in his power, to make her fall for him.

***Trailer inside, on 19th chapter***
Wait so how old is she now?? 15? Because if so she had a kid at 11
That's so sad she's 15 and she has a baby AWW so sad  how can she pay the thing..
ily, but this is no time for singing, it's time for fucking crying bc of emma
she broke my heart 

WHAT?!? I just read the prequel and now I'm just...I...FEEELSSS