Alpha Bloodlines (Completed)

Brook Mill's is an ordinary 17 year old girl with an older abusive boyfriend, when her boyfriend Trey goes out of town for the weekend her best friend Mel convinces her to go to her brothers friends party. Things take an interesting turn when she meets a beautiful boy at the party and both of them seem to lose control, but it turns out the boy isn't what he appears. He's a shifter, son of an Alpha wolf, he accidentally mates her, marking her as his own. Her boyfriend is set on revenge, can Jayden protect her? and what will it cost him?
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wow @lilchicken11 what crawled up ur butt and laid eggs seriously no need for negativity
This chick is really smart! She just scared off people who didn't even THINK about plagiarizing. I like her.
hmm somebody was on their time of the month......#sighs what do we have to do with you........-.- -_- *shake head and walks away*
You know you are about to read a good book when you have to read the copyright shît
wait, is he actually a wolf? (the guy that she hooks up with whilw her as* boyfriend is gone?)
Nobody's going to read your book. Back the eff off if you're going to be negative. @lilchicken11

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