Clean One Direction Imagines

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Kirsty By Kirsty Updated 2 years ago
Sweet, sad, make up, break up,romantic and all other kinds of clean One Direction imagines!
Not Taking Requests!

x K x
Can I have one with Harry, where he asks my parents if he can marry me, then he proposes?
Can I have a Louis imagine where he and I are at an amusement park an it's just REALLY fluffy!??
I love this and will u make me one about harry??? 
Ps: my name is Shaelyn
I love this! Could you make another Niall one:) and maybe a Louis one? :)
AWWW, BTW can you make me one????
PPS:My name is Darcy
can u do one for me??? i want it to b of louis. i dont care what itz bout as long as itz really sweet!