...I'm one of the LOVATICS ( DEMI LOVATO'S FAN ) I made this to show support and how I really idolized her for being strong no matter what happened on her life like bullying, heartbreak and stress . And how she handle it like going on a treatment center .... love you demi!!!!!! <3
I am a fan of her I have always wanted to see her in person at a meet and greet at one of her concerts. The sad thing is that I can't see her cause of the state that I live in.
She's my idol and i'm so proud of her .. no matter happen i'll stay as lovatic <3
I'm a lovatic  I love her like how she was so open up to the world about her issues about what she went thru not only did she save lives she inspired young lives that's why she's mg idol
I'm a big lovatic fan I love her n she has been amazing n shown that no matter what happens in life u can always stay strong :)
Only been a lovatic for a month but she is perfect and so strong for everything she has been through :) she is my inspiration :) x
:) well i WAS a kesha fann as you can see now am keshemi fann!!! :PPP!