Baby Doll (Harry Styles)

In a corrupt community, young girls are sold to men as mere objects of pleasure and they are kept for as long as the men desire. But things take a turn when the spoilt son of a wealthy businessman crosses paths with an unfortunate girl forced into the twisted world of Baby Dolls. Baby Doll © Wonderwall123 2013 - 2014
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did he really? im sorry wow this.. i didnt expect this when i clicked on this story
um... so she is about to get sold ro who knows who, maybe raped and violated and she cant cry because shell get used to it??? Is Bee crazy?
God give me a gun...SOMEONE GIVE ME A GUN!!! What do they think we are freaking toys.
She is going with harry though...LUCKY
u know what they say... if its everything for harry its worth it :p pretty sad though poor girl
@zombienationxo I want to respond but I can't fricken find my old comment and I'm not sure what I said before>_< lol
Umm, that's how you get married in my religion...lmao it sucks. I mean it's called arranged marriage...

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