Baby Doll (Harry Styles)

In a corrupt community, young girls are sold to men as mere objects of pleasure and they are kept for as long as the men desire. But things take a turn when the spoilt son of a wealthy businessman crosses paths with an unfortunate girl forced into the twisted world of Baby Dolls. Baby Doll © Wonderwall123 2013 - 2014
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That means this story is an AU. I like AU's of 1D better than stories that have them as a band.
Ok I won't tell people to read my book by the way can you guys check out my book
this app has invaded our virgin minds that we will disown our children when they call our husbands daddy.
Squishy you came to comfort us!!!! Tell me, how are our favorite characters in Deranged?
All of us have read so much dirty Harry Styles fan fiction that the word "Daddy" is very, very uncomfortable for us..........
I like Harry and all but Im all for Luke come on guys! Who isn't?! And Dylan O Brian...

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