Who Knew I was Loved? I didn't (Sequel of IKILDY) [ON HOLD]

Join me as we continue the story of Alex Marks and Amy Richardson from I knew I loved you...did you? As they go through parenthood and some trouble in paradise? hm. We'll see where we the winds will take us, huh.
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ohh so Alex has a possible brother, but the brother's a creeper....Interesting! haha
These twins sure are a handful an Uh oh what seems to be going on here with this Brendan guy seems weird and love who you chose to be him
I don't blame you for skipping 5 years.  Thank you for letting us see that all survived!
Well I'm glad they got past that scare and can't wait to see where you take their story
I thought she was gonna die and wow can't believe he would even think to not save his baby boy

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