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His cold fingers slowly trail under my top. I shiver under his bitter, threatening touch. I feel so dirty as his hands creep downwards into my shorts. I can’t take it anymore- I shoot right up, shoving him away with all I have and run with my numb legs. I hear him growl lowly under his breath.


I look behind me to see he’s right on my tail, he suddenly jumps on me. I scream, I yell for anyone to help me but he covers my mouth, muffling my shouts. I accept that I have to endure the abuse I’d been through countless of times.


“You can’t get away this time Alexis.” He breathes coldly, against my frozen neck. I finally allow a single tear to drip down my face. I bite down on my lip to distract me from thinking about what he’s doing. I shudder as his heavy hands pull off my clothes roughly…

This is Alexis' story. She has suffered five years of sexual abusive from her dad. After he murders her mother, she cant help but feel so heartbroken all the time. 

But when new guy Jonah arrives, she soon realises there is more to life than sorrow and sad tears.

You may move on to another happier...cheerful story or you could read on and discover Alexis' disastrous experiences in life....
RealestNigga1 RealestNigga1 a year ago
I would have I don't even know wat I would do it nothing like its wow for me but great chapter
CreamyCheese CreamyCheese 3 years ago
I'm surprised you only have ninety eight fans. this is actually a great novel.
JeriBrown JeriBrown 3 years ago
Wow, what a heart wrenching opening. At first I was just glad that the baby wasn't her father's but then Jessie turned out to be  complete knob! A toughing first chapter, well done =]
cityofamber cityofamber 3 years ago
@iBeckiXx yesyes!<3 and i love it :) i only got up to chapter 7 :/ but im excited thats there moree :D
IHeartRalphLauren IHeartRalphLauren 3 years ago
POOR SARAH! please upload d next chappie quickly. Can't wait wat will happen nxt. Excited x 100. btw, rlly good story. luv it <3
ausernameistaken ausernameistaken 3 years ago
This is a great start ;) Jesus what a dick though!! haha poor Alexis :(