Three Sides of Every Story

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livythecreator By livythecreator Updated 5 months ago
[one of my first stories. beware.]
Aimeé —

In French, Aimeé means 'loved'. Love is what I thought I had when I had met Jacob. He was seemingly-charming, romantic, and anything a girl would want out of a boyfriend. Did I mention he had empathy for me when my problems didn't pertain to him? I thought we'd be together forever until he met Justice. Justice had everything I didn't; A nice car, a dad around, and a body boys would go crazy for. When Jacob met Justice, I could feel our bond slowly fading away. Justice was only in it so she could grab more and more cash and fame from him, and me? I didn't care how fat his pockets were. I loved him, no doubt about it.

Justice —

When I met Jacob, all my dreams came true. He was famous. He had money. He was well known around Europe, so how could I not fall for him? Other girls think I want him because how much cash he has, but that's not the least bit true. I like Jacob because we've both got money, and we're just alike in a way. I know you're thinking: "That's not a real reason." But of course you wouldn't understand. Why would a guy like him want a poor girl, anyway?

Jacob —

I'm so confused. I love two girls, honestly. Aimeé was the first to come around, and I felt for her. Even though I had no idea what it was like to be poor, I knew what it was like not to have a dad around 24/7. I feel so selfish for saying this but, I can't really hang out with Aimeé. She barely has money to do fun things, like I like to. Justice isn't in it for the money, even though people make it seem like it. I know both girls really like me but, it sucks I can't have both.

Whose side are you on?

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asiyacharr asiyacharr a month ago
Aimee, she was the first, justice is a homewrecker, Princeton make up your freaking mind.
iReeeadNrite iReeeadNrite 5 months ago
TeamAimeè is Jacob crazy? he loved Aimeè before Justice came into the picture and made him think that having money makes u the sh#t, but c'mon now Jacob like Justice because of her money too if u think about it I think he loves Aimee and likes Justice think about it there's a difference ;)
SushaiBruno SushaiBruno 10 months ago
I was so ready to read this book until I saw it was a fan fiction  next time please put it in the title so others who don't like them won't be as crush as I am right now 
Love_More_ Love_More_ 11 months ago
Why would Justice be in it for the money when she already has money? Think smart people! And plus Justice just wants someone that's like her #TeamJustice mostly because she's Keke Palmer... lol
LarrysaBeSpiffy LarrysaBeSpiffy a year ago
Team Aimee on errythang! lol. Prince and Justice smh they needa go somewhere