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[one of my first stories. beware.] Aimeé — In French, Aimeé means 'loved'. Love is what I thought I had when I had met Jacob. He was seemingly-charming, romantic, and anything a girl would want out of a boyfriend. Did I mention he had empathy for me when my problems didn't pertain to him? I thought we'd be together forever until he met Justice. Justice had everything I didn't; A nice car, a dad around, and a body boys would go crazy for. When Jacob met Justice, I could feel our bond slowly fading away. Justice was only in it so she could grab more and more cash and fame from him, and me? I didn't care how fat his pockets were. I loved him, no doubt about it. Justice — When I met Jacob, all my dreams came true. He was famous. He had money. He was well known around Europe, so how could I not fall for him? Other girls think I want him because how much cash he has, but that's not the least bit true. I like Jacob because we've both got money, and we're just alike in a way. I know you're thinking: "That's not a real reason." But of course you wouldn't understand. Why would a guy like him want a poor girl, anyway? Jacob — I'm so confused. I love two girls, honestly. Aimeé was the first to come around, and I felt for her. Even though I had no idea what it was like to be poor, I knew what it was like not to have a dad around 24/7. I feel so selfish for saying this but, I can't really hang out with Aimeé. She barely has money to do fun things, like I like to. Justice isn't in it for the money, even though people make it seem like it. I know both girls really like me but, it sucks I can't have both. Whose side are you on? Copyright © 2012
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Aimee, she was the first, justice is a homewrecker, Princeton make up your freaking mind.
Aimee side Justice might have cash but Prince got more and just cause Aimee don't got cash don't mean shit might not be rich in money but rich in love
so basically Princeton dnt wnt no broke ho he rather have a btch tht come from money use him for money?Yea thts smart! *rolls eyes*
Woow princeton you have deep problems you don't need to go all around the world to be happy!! #TeamAimeeForLife
Damn, I'm conflicted. They all seem like they're genuine people, but still. Prince is mad wrong...
Of course I'm on Aimee's side. Justice is irrelevant and she's knows it. Prince is just flat out stupid and I lost 50 percent respect for him. That's fucked up.

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