Step Brothers

Leonardo, Leo for short, is an Italian guy coming to America for the first time after his mom is transferred to another company. His mom met a new man and this caused for them to move into a new home, with a new family and a new step brother, who in Leo's eyes, is a beautiful God. Will a romance between two step brothers really work out?
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Pshhh this is america ppl are way to lazy to actually go get the person ... Its either yell text or call !
If my mom is in trouble. 
She was just sent me a damn sweet smile... That makes me want to smack her. 
When I first started reading I thought Derek was gonna be a jerk and he'd fight with Leo all the time but Derek is so nice I can't help but love him
I should not vote. One time, like I'm ten times sexy. so vote, vote and
 some more votes
I'm all mixed together. I'm mean, I'm emo, I'm totally a nerd, and I'm in a band.
boy, I try sometimes! And it also surprise me that parents threat to kill there child. Comment if this happened to you.

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