Step Brothers

Leonardo, Leo for short, is an Italian guy coming to America for the first time after his mom is transferred to another company. His mom met a new man and this caused for them to move into a new home, with a new family and a new step brother, who in Leo's eyes, is a beautiful God. Will a romance between two step brothers really work out?
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my eyes are suddenly sweating... *rushes out wattpad* *hides under blanket* *checks* ok l'm alone now *cries and fangirls to death*
THAT'S LITERALLY ME. My hair looks black in the dark, but shine some light on it and boom sorta light chocolate brown.
Is it bad that I know that he's talking about the scene in High School Musical 2 where Sharpay sings Fabulous?
non taken at all but last time i checked you were so far back in the closet you already found narnia before the movie even came out sooooo.....
she is so badass im definitely a little monster! i have posters and t shirts and cds omg i even went to her concert
chicken dance i dont wanna be a chicken i dont wana be a duck so i just shake my butt.

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