Step Brothers

Leonardo, Leo for short, is an Italian guy coming to America for the first time after his mom is transferred to another company. His mom met a new man and this caused for them to move into a new home, with a new family and a new step brother, who in Leo's eyes, is a beautiful God. Will a romance between two step brothers really work out?
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OMG i was laughing so hard at this part and suddenly my mom came in my room.  . .
I know who should be Derek and Leo....Max Irons as Derek.....and Darren Criss as Leo 
No Leo! That's not it! Derek's talking about going sightseeing on that mountain with his mom! Not kissing his mom like in the american movies!
I would've grabbed his feet above my head and hopefully manage to pull myself up, or Derek down himself.
JOIN HIM, JOIN HIM, JOIN HIM!!! Come on Leo, this is your chance! This, is a SIGN!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
That's not gonna be the only thing that you're going to be breathing heavily at..... 

Get it? Brofist me, bruh. 
(ó ì_í)=óò=(ì_í ò)

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