Dont Be a Hero

Detective Jackson Wolfe thought he had stepped into the pages of a comic book. The first indication was the unlikely partner he'd been paired with. Macy Grey was a seemingly naive, annoying-yet-beautiful blonde Betty Boop. He was further astounded when he learned the nature of their department. He had been assigned to the highly confidential and brand new V.S.I.D... or The Vigilante and Super-human Investigations Department. Wait... what? Did old Chief Munson have a sense of humor after all? Were they pranking the "new kid on the block"? Jackson didn't buy it. "Go forth! Track down and arrest thee Spiderman... and his cohorts!". Well, it was no prank. What's more, it didn't prove to be an easy task. The alleged "super-powered" vigilantes were apparently much better equipped and far better trained than the police or F.B.I's most valued and effective members. This just fueled the desire to put a stop to them. After all, no one should be allowed to apprehend criminals without doing mountains of paperwork!
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*Sings* Don't you wish your best friend was smart like me? Don't you wish your best friend was a nerd like me? Don't ya don't ya
Good start,good grammar,fairly detailed description of character,Jackson that is...will keep on reading
Already love it. Not a bad start at all, and the awesome nerdy stuff hasn't even started :)
I love the tip off to Kevin in the forwars.  I don't think he realizes jow great of a writer he is.  Looking forward to reading your work :)
I just saw the pic of Jackson. Sorry, no dice. He needs just a bit of hardness and slighly tired of it all look. This person is pretty.
I've barely finished the prologue and I already love Wolfe, his reaction to the Chief... :) Great job!

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