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[HARRY STYLES: COMPLETED] "THE FEMALE HARRY STYLES," read the bold, capitalized title of a Sugarscape article. "Harriet E. Stiles - with an 'i' - is rapidly gaining attention worldwide as The Female Harry Styles. We're not sure whether it's fate or luck that's given her nearly the same name and appearance as our number one celebrity crush, but we're certainly jealous of the London lady. We reckon the two should meet, even if its hard for us fans to watch," I read the article in the best posh accent I could muster, shaking my head in sheer disbelief of the girl's existence. There wasn't a girl my age, living in my city, with my physical features, and having almost my exact name; there simply wasn't, and I refused to believe it. And that was easy enough to do, for a short while, before I could no longer deny reality. I was forced to come to terms with the fact that Harriet E. Stiles really did exist, and had suddenly become famous as none other than the female version of myself. I was also forced to come to terms with the idea that maybe -- just maybe -- I thought the article was right in saying we should meet. After all, seeing is believing. ⊱⊱ WATCH THE TRAILER IN THE SIDEBAR ⊰⊰ [© 2013, ALEXANDRA JOY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THIS WORK CONTAINS MATERIAL PROTECTED UNDER INTERNATIONAL AND FEDERAL COPYRIGHT LAWS AND TREATIES. NO PART OF THIS WORK MAY BE REPRODUCED OR TRANSMITTED IN ANY FORM OR BY ANY MEANS WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ALEXANDRA JOY.]
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this is kinda weird.... not the book, but the fact that there is another book on wattpad where Kaya and Harry are a couple.... :3
You must be perfect because this is beautifully written, you are an amazing writer. :)
I can't get over how beautiful this book is written omg I only just started this and I'm already in love
Haven't started reading yet, added this book cuz my names Harriet  sounds good though! Gonna start reading 
Something tells me that this book is definitely gonna mmet my currently raised expectations
Who's the actress. I recognize her, but don't remember her name XD

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