Runaway Bride (Editing)

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The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone.  They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day.  Both, Derrick and Angela had a few friends over that evening, they stayed in the same hotel but in different rooms.

Except the next day Angela was no where in sight.  Only leaving a note and her engagement ring behind while everything else was gone.

Derrick couldn't understand what went wrong.  She didn't explain and with new information from others, telling him how nervous she had been, he knew she had a change of heart and left him.

Five years later with no contact from Angela's family or friends, Derrick receives a call from her father, Dave.  Dave informs him that the police showed up at his home early this morning and was told to go to the hospital.

Angela had been found and now the policemen would like to know why they never officially declared Angela as a missing person?  Also, everyone would like to know who is the young girl that is with her?

With many years being apart and so many questions, Derrick and Angela are both desperate for answers that can't come  fast enough.

Derrick is engaged and is to marry Carly in three months.

Are Angela's answers going to change Derrick's mind or will it push him further into his relationship? Or are Angela emotions going to get the best of her and refuse to let Derrick back into her life?
That is troubling. Why would u not want to remember one if the most important time if ur life?!?
its hurt to a guy  i think the girl not ready..nice but bitin hehehehe

Avril Lavigne was drunk during her wedding...
She said she couldn't remember most of it
omg this is an awesome story and it left me wanting to know what happens next! I could also find some errors in a few words but overall it was a great story!
this would be nice and interesting. will wait for the continuation of the story... 
you really don't need to say " I told him", "um, she said" & so forth at the end of every sentence. it's kinda self explanatory & kinda annoying