Moni's Adventures (One Direction)

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BelWatson By BelWatson Updated 22 days ago
{bonus book} - Collection of scenes where Moni pranks or makes fun of the lads from One Direction. Come, read and have fun for a tad bit.
peace1Dxx peace1Dxx 25 days ago
Literally the best book ever and how can I not love it it's simply amazing + my name is Moni too ♥
terrifies terrifies 11 months ago
This is the best book that has been written, where do you get the amazing ideas, by the way? =)
otrazourry otrazourry a year ago
Yay! Kat Dennings is, like, my idol. I love her in 2 Broke Girls!
I'm reading the whole series and I think that Moni's adventures is kinda of an independent book from the others, so I guess you can read them both at the same time, cause MA is like to have a laugh and that's it... well that's my opinion :)
dat_hipster15 dat_hipster15 a year ago
LOL. The cover is of Kat Dennings in Daydream Nation. Anyways interesting stories ^^
soft-snuggles soft-snuggles 2 years ago
can you make a story similar to your other stories but change things in it?