Moni's Adventures (One Direction)

{bonus book} - Collection of scenes where Moni pranks or makes fun of the lads from One Direction. Come, read and have fun for a tad bit.
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NGL I though the first sentence said that her favorite thing to do is Harry Styles...
@Rientjies oh please excuse my spelling. my fingers are frozen with it being full blown winter this side :P
OMG HAHA LOL I SORTA BURST OUT LAUGHING FOR SOME REASON? But he sounds so tired don't scare him:-(
This is the best book that has been written, where do you get the amazing ideas, by the way? =)
LOL. The cover is of Kat Dennings in Daydream Nation. Anyways interesting stories ^^
Should I read the "Music sheet" before i read "Mon''s adventures" or vice versa please answer, as soon as possible 
♥ I'm gonna read all of the series. ♥

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