Operation Break the Casanova's Heart (Published Book)

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Operation Break the Casanova's Heart
10 Steps to Success: 
Step 1. Make him notice you.
Step 2. Differentiate yourself from other girls. 
Step 3. Get an invite to a date. 
Step 4. Make said date memorable. 
Step 5. Make him take you seriously. 
Step 6. Ensure that he’s dating you exclusively.
Step 7. Snag an invite to meet his parents. 
Step 8. Get a kiss – a sincere one. 
Step 9. Be the best girlfriend he’s ever had. 
Final Step. Break his heart. 

In this operation, there is one and only one rule you must abide by: Do not fall in love. 
If you break this rule, the operation will be considered a failure. 
Your punishment will be severe. 

Signed by: Naomi Mikael Perez

My name is Naomi Mikael Perez. My friends call me Naomi, my relatives call me Mika. He calls me Nami. Yep, that’s right, I’m the signatory. Me, the dog loving girl who’s done nothing with her life but go out with friends, eat, read, study, and flirt with her crush. You know, normal girl stuff. And then one day I woke up and found myself tasked with reducing our school’s ultimate Casanova to tears. 

His name is Stephen Cruz. He’s the guy who’s made a thousand girls cry. The guy I don’t care anything about. The guy who doesn’t even know I’m alive. 

"In the Game called Love, the first one to fall is the loser."

Let the Games Begin
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