The Lens Queen

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the1995 By the1995 Completed
York Italia captured the world in no way others could and it piqued the interest of some people...some very famous people. Add a lovable best friend and her little secret to spell trouble! What happens when you're thrown into the other side of the lens?

former name: direction.
Ⓒthe1995 / 2013-2014
LionGoddess LionGoddess 2 years ago
Wow!! I love your story already :D 
Can't wait to
paperheartsxo paperheartsxo 2 years ago
Aww no worries (:
And of course im enjoying it PHTTT, its amaZAYN.
And well if you love it so much ill be sure to comment more haha. <3
maybenotsara maybenotsara 2 years ago
honestly this was sooooo good! I love her name as well! Ive adoraed that name for awhile now, its cool to see someone using it. ~VOTED BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN SUCESS!~
PurelyKay PurelyKay 2 years ago
ahhh it's a great start! Looking forward to reading the rest :) I don't have much time right now, but I promise to read when I can!
rachaeljl rachaeljl 2 years ago
Ooooh! I can't wait to keep reading! :) such a great start! :)
AwKwArD_M AwKwArD_M 2 years ago
This story is really good and it's has a very interesting plot. Can't wait to read more!