It all started with Starbucks {Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) and Jack Harries (JacksGap) Fanfic}

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briipx By briipx Updated 8 months ago
What happens to Allegra Fleur on a normal shopping and Starbucks trip which might end up with her meeting the love of her life? Or who she thinks is the love of her life? What about when a drunken incident with her life long guy best friend, Alfie Deyes, happens and may change everything. The feelings she never thought she or her BFF Alfie shared. But what will happen when she finds out that her and Alfie are both in love with each other and she feels like shes falling in love with her new boyfriend Jack Harries? Well Allegra has a decision to make between her best friend Alfie Deyes or her new boyfriend Jack Harries! Which will she choose? The heart wants what the heart wants.
tsamarafahrana tsamarafahrana a year ago
hey love it! would you have a read of my jacksgap fanfic? thankss
FandomsOverSatan FandomsOverSatan 2 years ago
I love this story but I can't help but giggle at her name 'Allegra' like the medicine but good story love it! Xxx
annielynne annielynne 2 years ago
I wrote a story about Alfie as well. I don't mean to be rude by asking you to read it.. But.. Could you please read it? Considering that yours is really good and suchh.
omfghols omfghols 2 years ago
Good book well written :) everyone have a look at my attempted book you will make my day :) please
MariaMautino MariaMautino 2 years ago
@briipx Don't worry, it wasn't a negative comment :D it's not like I said anything bad :3 I actually liked reading it and I will keep doing it!
MariaMautino MariaMautino 2 years ago
@LaurenLesterDeyes I am exactly the same rgith now but I'll try reading it. If I don't like the first chapter, then, bye.