Darcy [Harry Styles]

[COMPLETED] "So Harry, I've heard that if you have a daughter you'd name her Darcy." The interviewer began. I knew what was coming. "Any particular reason why?" My eyes scanned over the eager crowd, all blinding me with flashing smiles. I could hear my heartbeat drumming loudly, my palms as hot as a desert. I looked over to the boys for help, but I knew that I was alone on this one. They didn't know about my Darcy. They didn't know about the girl I lost. "Well, um, I had a friend I met in line for the X Factor named Darcy. We became friends, but a few weeks later she went missing." The crowd became blurry now as the thought ran through my mind; I would never see her again. Or so I thought. © Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact _HakunaMatata_ on Wattpad.com
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This was the 1st One Direction fanfic I'd ever read. Thank you so much for writin this. You truly inspiried me. Amazing book.
@Rainy-days Its just a name, harry said he would call his daughter Darcy and thats all
I loved your other story so I decided to give this one a try, it sounds pretty good so far!
No she's not a real girl nd y r u reading 1d fanfic if ur not even a directioner
Dude. They let your captors keep you instead of paying ransom. I'd say you're like their last priority.
If i was her father i would look for her if i had to travel the whole world for 100 milion times

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