Darcy [Harry Styles]

*This was written when I was thirteen. You've been warned.* "Harry, it's been rumored that if you have a daughter you would name her Darcy. Any particular reason why?" The interviewer asked. I gulped and glanced down at my feet, not wanting to talk about the girl that I had lost. "Um, yeah, actually." I admitted. "I used to be friends with a girl named Darcy... but she was kidnapped and never found again. I think that I'd like to name my daughter Darcy in her memory." My heart started to ache as I remembered Darcy Monroe and knew that I would never see her again. Or so I thought. © Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact _HakunaMatata_ on Wattpad.com
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I pray for the person who owns this number. Their gonna get so many random people calling them
That's what I'm thinking so can anybody tell me? Plzzzzzzz like GURLLLLLLL (•_•)
                      <)  )z 
                       /    \
she didn't put the area code because she doesn't want people calling that poor persons number
I shouldn't be laughing but she was kidnapped while walking to an X factor audition
I did lol cause usually it's like head injury or broken leg or arm but this is like cuts and broke her toe.
What happens if u call it?who picks up?SOMEONE TELL ME I BEG OF YOU
Jk I don't but I'm curious and I don't have a phone soo

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