Fire - Jotun Chronicles #2

Companion book to "Frost". Can smoldering resentment and attraction exist at the same time? Jess Parker has made a number of mistakes. The first was burning her school to the ground. The second, getting caught by the handsome, yet maddening boy who calls himself Asher, who tells her things that can't possibly be true. Now Jess finds herself blundering through a new and alarming world, leaving a trail of blazing destruction behind. She must choose between warring factions, two sides of an ancient war that both want her. And most of all, she must try to harness her explosive powers before they consume her.
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Every time I read this name I freak out because my name is Noel and I don't hear it used ofteb
Are you going to make a third book, because I really like this series. Please continue it.
Me too, Plus, if she looked like her mother - wouldn't she be blond and blue eyed?
Wait what happen to Loki an Megan ?!!!!! She left him? Loki is a drunkard? Wat!????
Why did Megan leave him?!?!?! Is the drunk man Loki?!?! Please I hope this is another family...
Jotunn are actually from Norse mythology so that theory wouldn't work, that's why Loki featured in Frost and heaps of other references to Norse mythology

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