The Elementals Series: Deception

Five years after she disappeared Aubrette Benson returned to Elementare Academy, the most prestigious academy for elementals. With her bi-colored eyes, one green and one blue, she has the ability to control two elements: wind and water. But when she returns she causes a stir. Where has she been? Why did she come back? Where did she learn to be the powerful elemental she is today? Along with her return come mysterious deaths all linked back to her. So why is Aubrette Benson back after all these years, and what is her connection to these deaths?
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Amazing start @janinemimi Can't wait to find out more bou the double elemental. Hope you won't mind I would like to feature your story on my blog.
Starts with a bang! Or should I say, gale force wind! The cover grabbed me first, but the prologue blew me away

Almost reminds me of the Percy Jackson series. It's a great story with a really strong plot. Looking forward to reading more! :D <<<another awsum song 2 check out!! 
Why can't she just be content with having blase as her friend!! Gosh she is so the typical girl who wants friends! Good job though i really liked this chapter!
@DarkGirl I think so too... It seams like the red eyes are after her, but why? because of having air and water powers?

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