Some Things Should Be Kept Secret (student/teacher love story]

Jazmine Lewis meets her new english teacher Damon Gold her senior year in high school. At first she thinks he's a cocky son of a bitch who just wants to bother her but when he parents take a trip to europe for a month and he offers her to stay with him things change and everything in her life becomes more complicated as she realizes she might be falling for him. With obsticles in their path will they find a way to be with each other or let the disasters stand between them ??
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But that is exactly why you learn it, incase you ever do need it. You aren't learning anything just because you need to learn it, you learn it so you can use it
Awww sucks I was so sure she hit her uggghh Mr. Gold is not cool for stopping it lol.
I love this book please update or else i will pull my hair out and i love my hair so please dont make me do it
@__iloveNUTELLA His name is Matt Lanter. He should play Damon he plays a guy named Dean in one of my stories(: He's SO Hot.
Haha then end was funny :) good job!! I can already sense the attraction no matter how much she hates him :P
update now missy!!!!! i want to read more! lol cant wait for the next one :D :D :D 

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