High School Drama (In the Middle of Editing!)

Welcome to the world of Kaylen. Filled with Drama. Never ending drama. Will it ever really stop? Who knows. (This story is now in the middle of editing, so please stand by (: )
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Lots of spelling errors. I didnt see the point of describing every new character's hair color... it needs more work
I love it.. May I edit it.. or send in my corrections to improve the word usage!
I agree with slurpeeluvr and I love how your story is going so far keep writing :D
lool coooll check my story out too please n leave comments thnks! awesuuurrrrmmm storyy n garrett is a son of a something buh yhhh so is sierra
awesurrm yh i made da tym 2 read it n its so totally cool n dah so yeah! KEEP WRITING!!!
o and i wish i could spend nearly two grand in the mall<3 haha, that would be awesome...like this story :)

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