Life and Death ~ an Akatsuki fanfic

Aya is an assistant to the Akatsuki and is dealing with their attitude and members well. She is a member of the Uchiha clan and knows Tobi's secret as he knows hers. She is yet another owner of the Mongekyo and hasn't yet used its full capability, but when she does her secret doesn't stay safe for long...
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That was the freaking best one i have read yet i loved it Thank You Sooo much Awesome person.
Hey author you should make a sequel where she suddenly comes back from the dead! That would be soooooo cool!!! :D
What the author means @Uchiha_Kaida is that they burned her into ashes and made a grave for her, you know for love.
WOW this is the best story I've read today. :'( I hate that she died though. POOR DEI! :(

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