Love Never Fails

His life was a nightmare, full of doubt. When he could understand it, it was no more tolerable than if it had come back and punched him full in the face. Dark and light, love and hate. Cody Maverick's life was both. And what did he get in return of this chaotic turmoil? You guessed it. Nothing. Nothing at all. So, after this brief description of nothing but taunting, Cody becomes untrustingly comfortable as his life melts together. Maybe it could be whole, after all? If only he had listened to his conscious, and the ever present words... Love never fails.
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Whoa, Cody, this is amazing, really! If you published this I would so buy it. (: x
This is really, really, really(if i dont stop now it will go on...) good.! :D I love ur writin style.! Tells Me Ur An Awesome Person.!! Haha.!
Amazing Cody! Totally amazing :)
I love it <3 You should totally publish this, I'd buy one :D
I love it (: I've been writing somewhat like this too! Just haven't typed any of it up.
I Love It ♥♥♥ !!
Keep on writing. Upload soon or else ill find you.. xD  !!!

And be happy... ♥♥

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