His Mistakes

Liam drugged and raped her as a dare. It's haunted him for five years, but it's not until he sees her in the store with his look alike of a little girl does he start trying to make amends. Camila doesn't know her rapist, she had never met him, or at least she thinks she hasn't. Liam enters Camila's and Adeline's life, helping every way he can and having a difficult time keeping the truth from his five year old daughter Adeline, who like her mother, has no clue who he really is. Will things work out? WARNING!: (((Story will be unrealistic in some parts, it was a book I helped my friend write as a healing process, it's not suppose to be completely realistic))) ******Not Edited!******
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That is so brave of her. I don't know what anyone else would do but I couldn't live with a baby knowing the circumstances. Ugh bless her heart
@bloodthirstyducks I know like idk if it's just me but I got that constricting feeling in my chest
Only one chapter in and the feels hit me like a truck. Damn, I'm already in love.
Food story take your time at producing the chapter no one is after you after all keep it and Laos you don't have to update every day GOOD WORK
I love how a daddy is number five, after a tea set, barbies, a pony and cheetos :P she is just too cute!
I love this already. It's different to what I usually read and that makes it all the more interesting.

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