His Mistakes

Liam drugged and raped her as a dare. It's haunted him for five years, but it's not until he sees her in the store with his look alike of a little girl does he start trying to make amends. Camila doesn't know her rapist, she had never met him, or at least she thinks she hasn't. Liam enters Camila's and Adeline's life, helping every way he can and having a difficult time keeping the truth from his five year old daughter Adeline, who like her mother, has no clue who he really is. Will things work out? WARNING!: (((Story will be unrealistic in some parts, it was a book I helped my friend write as a healing process, it's not suppose to be completely realistic))) ******Not Edited!******
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i just started reading this book
its so good just from the first chapter
^_^ love it 
great first chaptermi had passed this book ober and over now im happy I started readimg it this is really good so far *_*
I love it so far and all I can hope is that Liam steps up and they can be a family in the end and that she will forgive him for what he did at that party
I have yet to start the book yet but I have to tell you, your preview for the story really hooked me and I can wait to start and complete your book.
Why does everyone always thing books and shit about about one direction just because of their names? Their not even any good   -_-
Oh my lawwwdd. This poor girl. She goes through all that shit and has the most darling ever.. and all the kid wants is a daddy. Fuck man, that sucks. >.>

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