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MissAnonymousGirl08 By MissAnonymousGirl08 Updated 2 years ago
The Classics Club members, Houtarou Oreki, Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi, Ibara Mayaka were now in Second year high school. and they are all classmates!




and as Oreki falls in love with Chitanda, a new student interrupts...








know what will happened! read it now!








btw,  this is a work of FAN FICTION only.


this is not made by Hyouka's WRITTER/CREATOR.






that's all!


enjoy~ ^_^
InvisibleSnow InvisibleSnow 3 months ago
In Chitanda's first year, she was in Class A. So the word 'again' is kinda off...
restu_budi restu_budi 6 months ago
I think, Oreki-san the life-saving energy person will not  going to waste his energy to fight. But, thanks the expectations for Hyouka S2.
KleinHeigen KleinHeigen 7 months ago
good job! I thought Mayaka told Chitanda that her seat number was 15.. "I'm curious!" :P
HeartInTheKeys HeartInTheKeys a year ago
Kyaah! Oreki blushing and smiling! I just can't imagine that! But if I would that would be cute!!
rnysacharomyces rnysacharomyces 2 years ago
i'm not sure if Oreki is in the same class with Chitanda, cause Oreki said he will choose the social science, and Chitanda said she will choose the nature science.
ChrisNura ChrisNura 2 years ago
Did an amazing job writing it ^^. Very profound and unique I'm liking it. I write myself so i understand that it's not easy, but please continue with the story I'm sure it has the potential :)