My Backstage Prince

Nakayama Yurimi, a fifteen-year-old girl who was from Nagoya moves to Yokohama, Japan. Her parents mysteriously disappeared for straight three days and came back in a snap, telling her and her twin brother that they will attend a party of their bestfriends' son. They willingly oblige. It is a party after all. Yurimi meets a new friend...and a mysterious sumptuous guy who suddenly comes to her, knowing her name and having Yurimi's pictures. Who is this guy and what can he bring to Yurimi's new life? With the help of the twist of fate, this guy can be Yurimi's whole future after all.
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You re-upload this? And you did revise it a bit. anyway. Your stories were the first ones I read here in wattpad. :) just saying.

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