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☆ hello! here you'll find a bunch of preferences and personal imagines. They all vary so there's something for everyone:) enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to message me if you want a chat ☆ requests for preferences are always open and always welcome.☺ ✗ please may there be no 'sexual' requests or requests to do with self harm or depression ect. ☼ I have a co-writer, Rnicole1998, I will put her name on any preference she writes. ☼ ✿ the preferences start at 10 now because i deleted the parts before that, i just cant really change them because i have a lot of preferences and that would mean going through them all. I'm not lazy, promise. ✿ ☺have a lovely day/night!☺
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Really?! No i would have said a sorry isnt gonna do and im not gonna come running back to u with just im sorry
Me too haha. I pictured him face planting the floor and I'm kinda just losing it rn
I have a right to get angry. He shouldn't have said that, even if it was 'just a joke'. I wouldn't kicked him in the crotch.
It's so funny seeing people comment saying "girl" when like its in 2nd person so basically YOU are the one who's over-reacting :")
It was sexist but she might have overreacted a bit she didn't have to leave over one thing
I get that she was over reacting by leaving but the joke was extremely sexist. It's wrong to use the gender card for anyone. Not just for women.

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