One Direction Preferences

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yammounitbh By yammounitbh Updated 5 months ago
☆ ayo:) here there's some preferences and imagines thrown together so, enjoy. ☆

✿ the preferences start at 10 now because i deleted the parts before that, i just cant really change them because i have a lot of preferences and that would mean going through them all. I'm not lazy, promise. ✿

☺have a lovely day/night!☺
Why he keep crashing. What is you Niall? You a car? What you be? An Audi? A lambo?
i mean it's louis tomlinson i would forgive him in a heartbeat
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My Response: "Louis, are you fucking kidding me? A little sorry isn't going to cut it. I still don't trust you and I'm not going to run right back into your arms if that's what you're thinking."
These are AWESOME u should totaly help me write some for my prefrence book¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡★☆★☆
I'm sorry but I'm laughing bc she's running rlly fast like dragging the dog and then he car from the kiss you video clip like following behind her omG HAHAHA
Peed lol so looks like the dog wasn't the only one who had to go out