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☆ hello! here you'll find a bunch of preferences and personal imagines. They all vary so there's something for everyone:) enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to message me if you want a chat ☆ requests for preferences are always open and always welcome.☺ ✗ please may there be no 'sexual' requests or requests to do with self harm or depression ect. ☼ I have a co-writer, Rnicole1998, I will put her name on any preference she writes. ☼ ☺have a lovely day/night!☺
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yeh, no need to ask first, just out of nothing tell me you're taking me out for a coffee. I wouldn't mind, really
Oh my god he is my fav I would jumping up and down screaming my head off !!!!!!!!!
@goodbyenoww ._. .......we are one. *slowly fades into black while credits roll*
smile to myself? 
Hell I would be screaming bloody murder if that happened to me
If I was tthe girl I would faint,because niall is going cheeky but on the other hand I won't I'd rather talk to my Irish man of my life.<3
Okay I got lost, I thought I was reading how I met Louis and I got off work then BAM im a waitress 
w h a t

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