One Direction Preferences

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yammounitbh By yammounitbh Updated 6 months ago
☆ ayo:) here there's some preferences and imagines thrown together so, enjoy. ☆

✿ the preferences start at 10 now because i deleted the parts before that, i just cant really change them because i have a lot of preferences and that would mean going through them all. I'm not lazy, promise. ✿

☺have a lovely day/night!☺
im cACKlin again omg innocent angel me a$s lmfao *laughing teary eyes emoji*
Why he keep crashing. What is you Niall? You a car? What you be? An Audi? A lambo?
i mean it's louis tomlinson i would forgive him in a heartbeat
This comment may be offensive.
My Response: "Louis, are you fucking kidding me? A little sorry isn't going to cut it. I still don't trust you and I'm not going to run right back into your arms if that's what you're thinking."
These are AWESOME u should totaly help me write some for my prefrence book¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡★☆★☆
I'm sorry but I'm laughing bc she's running rlly fast like dragging the dog and then he car from the kiss you video clip like following behind her omG HAHAHA