Del Río Con Amor

The success of the retooled Mexican Revolution hinges on executing the largest vanishing act the world's ever seen, right under General Obregon's nose. Viva this! "Dirty, rotten hombres with dynamite. Hell yes!" Pancho Villa's latest General isn't like any of the others. Young, inexperienced and visionary, Chancho Villarreal convinces Villa to cease his famous frontal assaults in order to embrace guerilla warfare. To prove his strategy sound Chancho must execute the boldest train robbery the world will never discover, unless he fails. If he succeeds, Mexico won't know what hit it. But revolution never comes cheep, and Chancho's about to awake to its deadly cost. "A classic caper orchestrated with charming despicableness and rollicking fun."
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These introductory letters are very neatly done old son and add hugely to an already grand collection of stories. Neatly done sir. Gav
@hachebrown You can't be a moron to write such great stories. It's nothing as big as the mistakes I've made. Thanks for the response and the stories :)
Just mentioning that Love in Spanish is Amor, not Amore. Amore is Italian. But I love the story. The best Ive read on Wattpad yet. I love cowboy tales 
Ha ha ha.........I intend to stick around...........especially since it's a story by a male writer ! ;-P
@Deep4141 Yup, it was! I see that dieselpunk is also new for you. Stick around, you won't be disappointed with this one. ;)
Hmm, now dieselpunk is a genre I haven't been exposed to much yet, but the way you have written it certainly piques my interest ! Aaaachchooo ! ;-D

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